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A luxury fashion brand that celebrates indian-ness. Sometime quietly.
Sometimes with a little jig.


we were born to stand out.

Maati – the name is derived from soil as we all rise from soil and dissolves in the same.

Maati is an ethical fashion label by Neha Kabra. It has been three plus years she has been running this label from Udaipur. Maati takes in a lot of local flavour and is inspired by the people. It tries to adapt to all body types and sizes. The clothes produced are adjustable, skin friendly and ecologically responsible. It also have a zero waste policy where they upcycle yarns, use natural dyes and work with local craftsmen from different parts of the country.



We focus on becoming a one stop solution for an eco friendly garment manufacturing, where we create articles by sourcing mindfully, creating a safe space for our artisans and leaving low carbon footprint while exploring the Indian textiles. We are creating an every day sustainable fashion eco system.


Our vision is to grow into a bigger community which has common goal of leaving a planet better than we found while creating the wearable art of quality.
Sustainable Clothing

Spreading a culture,
one handcraft at a time.

The inception of Maati was from the basic idea of creation. Neha studied Fashion design and got immense satisfaction in creating new things. It was about enjoying the process more than the final product for her.
Coming from a joint family where sharing was the major learning along with keeping needs over wants is what translated in Maati. Udaipur played a very important role in bringing her carefulness towards nature with its beauty and this amalgamation lead to the characteristics of the fashion label.

The Makers

radha ji

Radha ji

firoz khan

Firoz Khan

meera ji

Meera Ji

Sustainable Practices

Giving you an insight on how sustainability is practiced at Maati during their stages of production. The fabric is either handloom khadi which is made by Ganai family in West Bengal and uses bare minimum water to no electricity.
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The other natural power-loom fabric used is also upcycled from wasted cotton yarns hence being careful at the fabric production level. The colors used in dyeing process as well has hand block printing, which is a local craftmanship used widely by the label are sourced from nature. Blue comes from indigo, yellow from Turmeric, Red from Sindoor flower while black came from iron oxide and white came from lime stone. These colors are then mixed with plant gum to fixate on fabric. The garments are put together by local artisans in Rajasthan. Maati has managed to make their packaging 100% plastic free.
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You are central to us!

Maati is working with the grassroots community near Jaipur.
Having beliefs in sustainable living and helping the community, it offers livelihood, fair wages, and good working conditions.

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Most of the seamstresses, quality controllers, and sample in-charges are beautiful and talented ladies of the same village.
We teach them the basic skills and learn from them the possibilities for the execution of our ideas.
All the garments are hand made and the colors are naturally sourced hence making every piece slightly different and unique.