Meet our Founders


Neha Kabra

Neha studied Fashion Design and have done masters in Pattern Cutting from Central Saint Matins. The idea of creation and enjoying the process is what gave birth to the label. She realized the need for sustainability from her family life, as living in a joint family gave her the sense of importance towards needs and not wants which translated into minimalism and sustainable fashion women’s label, Maati. Neha has 7+ years of experience in the field of fashion. She aims to create an impact in the fashion world with the values that she started the label with. She believes it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that their actions leave a minimal carbon footprint and we live as one with the world, as is the philosophy behind her label too.

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Prabha Kabra

Mrs. Prabha Kabra is Neha’s mother. She is the driving force behind the love for art and culture that Neha has. She is a homemaker and herself has always been interested in these fields as extracurriculars and is an independent woman who influenced Neha since her childhood and continues to support her every day. Since the day one of Maati, she has been an active supporter and participant in the label’s journey.
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Spreading a culture,
one handcraft at a time.

The inception of Maati was from the basic idea of creation. Neha studied Fashion design and got immense satisfaction in creating new things. It was about enjoying the process more than the final product for her.
Coming from a joint family where sharing was the major learning along with keeping needs over wants is what translated in Maati. Udaipur played a very important role in bringing her carefulness towards nature with its beauty and this amalgamation lead to the characteristics of the fashion label.