Know the Brand

Sustainable Clothing


The name Maati accentuates the cycle of everything around us, what comes from the earth, should be able to go back to it. It highlights the values the brand stands for: organic and sustainable fashion and promotion of slow fashion.

Maati is an ethical clothing fashion label founded and run by Neha Kabra and based in Udaipur. The idea of Maati was born from the basic idea of creation. Neha studied Fashion Design and found her niche in creating new things and nurturing new ideas. For her, it was more about enjoying the process than the final product. Her understanding of keeping needs over wants from living in a joint family is what is reflected in the ideology behind Maati. Udaipur added to the building of the label where Neha’s conscious approach towards nature and the beauty of the city solidified the values of Maati in a beautiful and idealistic amalgamation. The designs at Maati are for the comfort loving women who want clothes they can breathe in, live in and look fashionable in at the same time. The designs are all inspired by the moments we live- travel, heartbreaks, nature and so on.
At Maati we believe in drawing inspiration from the local flavours and art which speaks to the people and is by the people. We try to adapt to all body types and sizes while making sure that the clothes produced are adjustable, skin friendly and ecologically responsible. Maati abides by a zero-waste policy where upcycled yarns and natural dyes are used to make the clothes and local craftsmen from different parts of the country contribute to the process.