How to make a dating app: The complete guide

How to make a dating app: The complete guide

One of the fastest growing verticals in the world of mobile apps is dating. People are using apps for a number of social interactions, and dating is not an exception.

We all are familiar with mainstream dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. There is a lot of potential for dating apps in more niche segments, and many entrepreneurs are looking at this prospect closely.

The next obvious question is: how to create a dating app from scratch. This is where the challenges arise. Traditional custom app development can be expensive and tedious. This drives away many businesses from the prospect of launching an app.

The solution is using a premium app builder to create a dating app. AppMySite is an example of the same. App builders refer to no-code platforms where you can build mobile apps without coding. The cost is a small fraction of the investment needed to build an app with custom development. It is also far easier to build apps using such platforms.

With AppMySite, you can essentially use your app as a foundation to build your own app. (more…)

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