The New Era of Sustainable Fashion Brands

sustainable fashion brands

There is no denying that the fashion industry has its fair share of impact on climate change and biodiversity loss, making the industry’s sustainability efforts crucial for the world.

But what is the meaning of the term “Sustainable Fashion”?

Sustainable fashion is an umbrella term for clothes and accessories created to achieve sustainable products that protect the environment and those involved in creating the product. Some crucial metrics include cutting carbon footprints, ensuring animal safety, and fair wages to the workers.

Since multiple factors are involved, simply labeling a product as “sustainable” is not enough. So, what is there to consider more?

Let’s take a closer look at your wardrobe:

Be a Mindful Buyer

Take a break from this new era of mindless purchasing and fast fashion. Repeat the mantra, “Fashion is not a competition”. Being a mindful buyer will take you way further, as the old saying suggests, “Quality over quantity”. 

Before buying anything, consider asking yourself these questions: “What is your purpose for purchasing the product? Do you really need it? Will you use it often? 

Invest in a Sustainable Fashion Brand

The growing demand in the last decade has made India one of the top fast fashion manufacturers. Therefore, the nation is noway far from adding to the global carbon footprint. From logistic and shipping costs to excessive usage of water and plastic, the endless harm has made it essential for consumers to think about their choices. 

Investing in sustainable fashion brands that choose slow fashion and biodegradable garments and materials will make you a buyer who “buys for better.”

Narrow your search to specific items you are looking for; it will make it easier for you to niche down the market and find the best sustainable fashion brand of your choice. Seek out brands who are transparent about their system and their choices, this way, you would be trusting a brand that is worth the investment.

Go Local

Hey, c’mon, buying sustainable clothing made in India and helping small businesses can never go wrong! This way, keeping the knowledge about the garments used will be easier. You will also be able to know about the people who made your clothes and determine the factors that it’s worth investing in.

Rent The Specials

Wedding season is around the corner, and in India, we need tons of clothes and accessories for the never-ending wedding functions. But buying clothes we won’t wear again will only add to the garbage truck full of textiles burned and landfilled every second. Instead, try renting out the specials.

Countless shops in the market will let you rent out beautiful clothes for special days. Trust us, what could be better than having so many different options! You can slay every day!

Be a Material Person

Not to be toxic, but you need to know about your material!

Learning about the material used is significant when it comes to making more sustainable purchases. 

Avoid pure synthetics like Polyester, which is derived from fossil fuels and makes 55% of clothes globally and takes decades to break down.

Pick materials like organic cotton, which uses less water and doesn’t use harmful pesticides.

Support Brands That Have a Positive Impact

There is a surge in sustainable fashion brands that are constantly working towards reducing their impact. In the midst of it, some brands are not only working on reduction but also leaving a positive impact on the environment. 

Brands are choosing Regenerative agriculture, which helps restore soil health and biodiversity.

Be Conscious About Your Water Footprint

The fashion industry has been nostalgic for its huge water footprint, estimated at 93 billion cubic meters per year, representing 4% of the global freshwater withdrawal.

This gives us more reasons to be conscious about the water footprint of our clothes. According to a study, organic cotton uses 91% less water than conventional cotton available in the market. Low water dyes also reduce water consumption contributing to sustainable fashion.

All About Choosing Vegan Fashion

Vegan fashion is fashion that is 100 % cruelty-free. No animal product such as leather, fur, wool or silk is used as a raw material.

Vegan fashion raises a critical issue regarding animal abuse in the industry, yet, Vegan fashion does not necessarily mean it is sustainable.

Be mindful of the vegan alternative clothing and accessory used, which might contain synthetics.

Fortunately, amazing innovations are entering the market, giving the sustainable vegan fashion industry more opportunities.

Take Care of Your Clothes

One of the most crucial parts you can play in acquiring sustainable fashion is taking care of your clothes! Make sure you extend the life of your clothes, do not overwash them, and increase your water footprint. Also, instead of throwing it when damaged, try repairing it.

For worn-out clothes that cannot be repaired or reused anymore, ensure you look for the recycling method for those items.

Embodying sustainable fashion in this era has become relatively easy as many new brands enter the market. You have a range of options to buy from and start your journey as a mindful buyer and contribute your part in sustaining the environment.

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